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एक वैचारिक चळवळ

"Thought MovmentAn aggregate or a congregation of men does not make a nation, nor do the geographical area and duration of time qualify a society to be known as a nation. A government formed on such a basis can be called a state, but not a nation. It is common goal or mission that makes a nation. All the constituents strive collectively for something noble. Service with spiritual orientation results in man-making which invariably and inseparably connected with nation building. It is the core of all our thoughts behind Vivekananda Kendra."

Swami Vivekananda, with intense love in his heart for motherland undertook wanderings all over India, he came to Kanyakumari and sat on 25th,26th and 27th December 1892 on the mid-sea rock meditating on India's PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE. It was on this rock that he discovered the mission for glorious India and later shook the world by India's spirituality. On this sanctified place Late. Ma. Ekanathji Ranada, with the participation of millions of people of India constructed the Vivekananda Rock Memorial, which is symbolises the glorious mission of India as seen by Swami Vivekananda in his meditation.

Along with this Memorial, Shri Eknathji Ranade pioneered Vivekananda Kendra a spiritually oriented service mission which reflects Swami Vivekananda 's vision of glorious India in action. Vivekananda Kendra calls upon those youth who can dedicate their life for serving the nation.