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Universal Brotherhood Day Celebrated at Jaipur

Universal Brotherhood Day Celebrated at JaipurAn event was organised individually in Maharani Girl's College Jaipur, Kanodia Girl's College Jaipur, Bhawani Niketan PG Girl's College and Maharishi Arvind Institute of Science & Management, by Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari, Jaipur Shakha, on the occasion of "Universal Brotherhood Day". There were chief speakers Dr. Renuka Rathore, Dr. Sheila Rai and Mr. Vikrant Singh. Respected chief speakers spoke about Swamiji's thoughts and his struggle. They also discussed about the need for Swamiji's teachings in modern society. An enthusiasm was seen in the students after listening to Swamiji's thoughts. They felt motivated and confident to achieve their goals. There was a combined presence of 394 students.