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Prant level Shibirs in the months of May-early June 2016 in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh

Prant level Shibirs in the months of May-early June 2016 in Telangana and Andhra PradeshAanandalaya Acharya Prashikshan Shivir - 13-18 May 2016 - at Jettu Ashramam, Parvathipuram, Vizianagaram district.

No. of participants who completed the training - 17. Communities: 3. Sri D Pari Naidu, President, JATTU (Justified Action and Training for Tribal Upliftment) Trust and Kum.Padmaja, Secretary, JATTU Ashramam, gave inspiring messages to the participants in the concluding in which Aadarneeya Varsha Didi also spoke.

Aanandalaya Acharya Prashikshan Shivir,  20-25 May 2016, at Aaditya Degree College, Nellore.  Participants: total 4 [2 from fishing community of Prakasam district and 2 karyakartas from Kadapa]. Acharya Aaditya, founder of the college and Nagar Sanchalak, Vivekananda Kendra, Nellore, spoke in the concluding ceremony.

The chief resource persons in both the Shibirs were Aadarneeya Varsha Didi, VK Odisha Praant; Kum Binoti Sawra and Sri Ajay Sawra from VK Assam Praant. Shri PVS Karthik Kumar, Asmita Sanyojak, VK Telugu Praant was the Shibir Pramukh. Sri CA Prasad, Jana Vignyana Kendram inspired the participants in both the Shivirs to inculcate language abilities through action songs. Sri Sannyasi Rao, resource person of the Jettu Ashramam's educational intervention took a session at Parvathipuram on how to introduce 'aksharas' amongst children.

3rd  Praant sthariya - Karyakarta Prashikshan Shivir: 28 May-3 June 2016 at VK Kaushalam, Hyderabad. Participants 4 - [3 from Kadapa and 1 from Vijayawada]. Organising team: 4. Sri Chandramouli, Praant Pramukh, Telugu Praant inaugurated the Shivir; Sri CV Prasanna, Saha Praant Pramukh, Telugu Praant spoke on during the conclusion. Sessions were taken by Justice CV Ramulu, Praant Pramukh, Sri Mahesh, Member, VK Kaushalam Samiti, Sri Bhaskar Sharma. Sri PVS Karthik, Sri Deepak Khaire and Sri Prabhu Chaitanya, etc. Sri Vivek Bharath co-ordinated all the Karyapaddhati sessions. 

Chandanotsav - 1 June 2016: Sri Vivek Bharath, Warangal, decided to join the Vivekananda Kendra as Shiksharthi. Prior to his leaving for Kanyakumari a special ceremony was organised at VK Kaushalam in which Aikya Mantra  was chanted and its vision explained; relevant portions of Taittiriya Upanishad - Shikshavalli was chanted while Sri Bharath assented to the core aspects that he will nurture.  Sri Bhaskar Sharma, Praant Vyavastha Pramukh purified the offerings through the chanting of Purusha Sukta. 

Justice CV Ramulu, Telugu Praant Sanchalak said that after 20 years, a karyakarta is setting out on the path of Jeevanvrati from a praant which at one time used to send such regularly. Sri Vivek Bharath shared how Mananeeya Nivedita Didi's talks during Rashtra KPS made him make up his mind to dedicate himself for this cause. 

Members of the Praant Samiti, Hyderabad Vibhag Samiti and Nagole and Dilsukhnagar Nagar Samitis  were present on the occasion to bless Sri Bharath on the Spiritual journey ahead.