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VK NARDEP September 2017 NewsLetter

T.N. Khoshoo in his unique book “Mahatma Gandhi – An Apostle of Applied Human Ecology” writes “Gandhiji’s entire life and work is an environmental legacy for all humanity. This was not because he wrote a big treatise on the environment, or led a movement to stall a dam or any industry, or clean a river, or whatever. This was because he was a practitioner of sustainable development in the real sense of the word. Here then was a Man who was in harmony and peace with the environment and with himself”. In this issue we have given a few famous quotes of Mahatma Gandhi.

Run for Brotherhood at VKV Alumni

The Universal Brotherhood Day, which commemorates the famous speech of Swami Vivekananda on brotherhood, delivered on 11 September, 1893 in Chicago was observed across the state with various activities, especially a ‘Run for Brotherhood’.

Universal Brotherhood Day at VKV Tezpur

niversal Brotherhood Day at VKV TezpurCommemorating the historic speech of Swami Vivekananda at Chicago the Vidyalaya celebrated Universal Brotherhood Day with the students of Assam Valley Junior College and ITI, Tezpur at KatekibariBibahB

From ‘Water Green’ to ‘Man-made Ignorance’

E.F.Schumacher was a German statistician and economist who is best known for his proposals for human-scale, decentralised and appropriate technologies. His book “Small Is Beautiful: A Study of Economics as if People Mattered” was ranked by The Times Literary Supplement as one of the 100 most influential books published since World War II. In this issue we have given a few of his quotable quotes.

विवेकानन्द केन्द्र बीओआरएल चिकित्सालय - भूमि पूजन समारोह

vkborlbhumipoojan1विवेकानन्द केन्द्र बीओआरएल चिकित्सालय की विस्तार योजना के तहत् चिकित्सालय भवन का विस्तार किया जाना प्रस्तावित है, उक्त योजना के तहत दो चरणों में चिकित्सालय भवन का विस्तार किया जाएगा प्रथम चरण में चिकित्सालय भवन के मुख्यद्वार के दोनों ओर निर्माण कार्य किए जाएंगे, जिनके लिए  दिनांक 18 अगस्त 2017 को प्रातः 11:30 बजे भूमि पूजन समारोह का आयोजन किया गया।

Blood donation camp at Guwahati

Blood donation camp at GuwahatiVivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari,Assam Pranta has organized a volunteer blood donation camp associated with GMCH blood bank at Vivekananda Kendra Institute of Culture at Uzanbazar.

Janmastami Celebration at VKV Tinsukia

Janmastami Celebration at VKV TinsukiaSri Krishna Janmastami is a grand celebration the Vidyalaya observe every year. This year too on 13 August it was celebrated in the school premises.

Rakshabandhan Celebration at Bangladesh Border

Rakshabandhan Celebration at Bangladesh BorderVivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari - Badarpur and Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya - Badarpur celebrated Rakshabandhan with BSF youths at Bangladesh Border. 

Mass cleaning programme launched

Mass cleaning programme launchedCollector S. Natarajan has launched a mass cleaning exercise to make Rameswaram island clean and an ideal destination for spiritual tourism.

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