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Gita Jayanti in VK Thiruvananthapuram

Gita Jayanti in VK ThiruvananthapuramGita Jayanti was organised in VK Thiruvananthapuram on 10 Dec 2016 at JJK Gurukulam Vattiyurkavu. Swami Tatwarupananda, Prof. Balakrishnan 

187th Free Eye Camp at Kanyakumari

187th Free Eye Camp at KanyakumariVivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari organised 187th Free Eye Camp on 7th December 2016, in Vivekanandapuram Campus.

Green Rameswaram Project November Month Report

Golden Temple Amritsar Punjab"Once in a lifetime, everyone gets an inspirational call from God. In a flash, this reveals to us the purpose of our being born.

Sadhana Diwas celebration at Kangra

Sadhana Diwas celebration at KangraKANGRA: November 20 -   More than 3000 students from Class IX to XII from twenty eight schools of Kangra and Mandi districts of Himachal Pradesh on November 20, 2016 coinciding with Sadhna Devas, participat

Homeopathy Medical Camp & Awareness Programme

Homeopathy Medical Camp & Awareness ProgrammeA free Homeopathic Medical Camp and Awareness Programme was organized at VK BORL Hospital, Bina on 4th December’ 2016 Sunday from 12:00 Noon to 04:00 PM.

Sthaneeya Karyakarta Prashikshana Shibir of Mysore

Sthaneeya Karyakarta Prashikshana Shibir of MysoreSthaneeya Karyakarta Prashikshan Shibir held at Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Kallubalu on 26th and 27th November.

New Sanskar Varga is started at Badarpur

New Sanskar Varga is started at BadarpurA new sanskar varga is started at srigauri, badarpur, Assam.

Forest-Community Interface – a new lecture series under Sanskriti Anveshak

RN Phukan & Sanskriti Anvehak LectureVivekananda Kendra Institute of Culture (VKIC) have started a new lecture series on Forest-Community Interface under Sanskriti Anveshak.

10th Vedanta VachaspatiRadhaNathPhukan Memorial Lecture

RN Phukan & Sanskriti Anvehak LectureIndia has made rapid strides in space research within a short span of time, and we can expect significant breakthroughs in the near future.

From Food Security to Distorted values of Modern Science

Sir Albert Howard was the founder of the Organic farming movement. Incidentally, he worked for 25 years in India as an agricultural investigator. His 20 page booklet ‘An Agriculture Testament’ covers everything you need to know about organic agriculture. In this issue, we have given a few of his quotable quotes on the subject.

Shri.N.Krishnamurthi covers the related topic of ‘Food, Diet, Nutrition and Food security’ by way of dialogue between the Ostrich, Parrot and Swan. 

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