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विविधता के समन्वय का आदर्श भारत- गुणवन्त कोठारी

किसी भी सभ्यता में विविध संप्रदाय, भाषा, शिक्षा, पंथ, जाति भिन्नता और पूजा पद्धति की विविधता के बीच समन्वय कैसे रखा जाता है यह दुनिया में केवल भारत देश से ही सीखा जा सकता है क्योंकि भारत ने ही यह आदर

VKV shines in National Children Science Congress

The project of Millo Dacha of VKV Roing secured A+ in the National level competition and found place in the best 20 projects selected in the National Level Children Science Congress held at Bangalore from 27th to 31st December 2014.  He was the only one to be selected under top 20 from Arunachal Pradesh.

Kr. Chau Jeyhoung Jenowof VKV Amliang has won special award for the best Poster presentation in the National Level.

Cattle Management to Gandhian Economics

This month we show you how the local cattle of Rameshwaram can be nurtured and the local bio-diversity turned into an asset by using the local traditions like feeding the cow. The Rameshwaram cow is a dwarf variety cow and is unique.

Yoga Shiksha Sibir. December- 2014

Vivekananda Kendra organized a 15 days Yoga Shiksha Sibir from 1st to 15th December- 2014.

Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalayas Arunachal Pradesh Trust December Month Report

There is an air of wishing New Year everywhere! In our country there are many new year day.  Some of them are   Ugadi, Rongali Bihu, Gudi Padwa, Puthandu, Vishu, Navreh, Vishuva Sankranti, Cheti Chand, Chaitti etc. All these celebrations have the common things like sharing of joy having religious significance and a unique message for each. Even though the present New Year Celebration in January has one important aspect that is the sharing of Joy, we can add many more dimensions to it to make it more meaningful.

Vivekananda Kendra Shiksha Prasar Vibhag Organises 3rd Veenapani Lalit Kala Samaroh

The 3rd Veenapani Lalit Kala Samaroh was inaugurated on 24 December in the campus of Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya Tezpur by Prof. Pradip Jyoti Mahanta, Dean, School of Humanities and Social Science, Tezpur University. The occasion was also graced by Su. Nivedita Vidhe, Vice President Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari. Ma.. Pravin Davolkar, Jt. Gen. Secretary Vivekananda Kendra. Nineteen (19) schools participating in the five day cultural meet took part in the inaugural ceremony holding placard and flag of respective schools. The samaroh was formally declared open by Ma.

Samarth Bharat Parva celebration in Mysore

At Mangalore :- On 13th Decemeber, organized inter school and college quiz, Essay, Elocution, Patriotic song competition among the students. 138 students from 10 schools  participated.

Gita Jayanti celebration various places in Mysore

At Mysore : On 3rd December celebrated at Kendra office, Ma. Bhanudasji, General Secretary presided the function. Ma. C V Gopinathji, Retd. Secretary, Govt of India was the Chief guest. Ma.

इंदौर में अमृत परिवार मिलन कार्यक्रम

हिन्दू समाज अपनी वैचारिक दृढ़ता वैज्ञानिक परम्पराओं के कारण आदि काल से ही यशस्वी रहा है। हिन्दू परिवार में समष्टि के हित का भाव आज भी विद्यमान है जिस कारण से हम तत्त्व की अमरता की बात करते है। इसी सकारात्मकता को

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