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Inauguration of MEJSP at Dibrugarh

Inauguration of MEJSP (Saumar Bhumi Vibhag) at Dibrugarh.

शिमला में गीता जयंती का आयोजन

२ - दिसम्बर, मंगलवारको भगवान कृष्ण द्वारा कहि गई गीता को ५१५६  साल हुए। इस अवसर पर विवेकानन्द केन्द

जबलपुर में गीता जयंती का आयोजन

विवेकानंद केंद्र, कन्याकुमारी, शाखा -जबलपुर द्वारा दिनांक ३० नवंबर २०१४ को माँ नर्मदा तट पर स्थित ब्रम्हर्षि बावरा नर्मदा विद्यालय परिसर में गीता जयंती कार्यक्रम का आयोजन किया गया। कार्यक्रम में संस्कार वर्ग क

Sadhana Diwas at Surat

At the occasion of sadhana Diwas all the karyakartas came together and celebrated the sadhana Diwas by taking Dayitwa. In the Karyakram total 35 karyakartas were present. The Karyakram was started with Prayer, Geet,  Swadesh mantra, Letter of sadhana Diwas reading, Sharing of MEJSP Program which was held at Delhi, documentary of ma. Eknathji Ranade, declaration of Dayitwa with Pushaparpan, Geet-Seva hai Yagya Kund, Santi mantra and Kendra Prathana.

VKRDP Monthly Report October 2014

1. “Sri Rama Jaya Rama” Mantra was chanted during Deepa Pooja, Shivalinga Pooja and daily by our Balwadi school children, cultural class students and during monthly meetings by our Balwadi teachers and Social Workers. Every month nearly 7, 68,538 times mantras were chanted in 84 localities.

Sanatana Dharma : Vivekananda Kendra News

"The main theme of my life is to take the message of Sanatana Dharma to  every home and pave the way for launching, in a big way, the man-making  programme preached and envisaged by great seers like Swami Vivekananda."

Various Program at Hydrabad

Leadership program Safal Yuva Yuva Bharat - program is organized at Hydrabad. Sadhana Diwas is organized. 

Various activities in Assam

Sadhana Diwas was celebrated various place in Assam - Jorhat, Magaldoi, Guwahati, VKNRL hospital at Nalbari. Special Yoga satra was conducted for the yoga teachers training program at Guwahati.

Yoga Satra for Sisters at Nagpur

A Yogasatra was conducted by Vivekananda Kendra’s Nagpur branch at Shivaji Sabhagriha situated in Ram Nagar Vastar. 19 sisters participated in the Yogasatra from 13th Nov. to 19th Nov 2014.

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