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Geeta Jayanti

Rural Development Programme in April

With the motto of "Siva Bhave Jiva Seva" Vivekananda Kendra Rural Development program taking various activities. Here are the highlights of Activities in the Month of April.

Vivekananda Kendra Hyderabad-2010-11

* Kendra has 4 centers in Hyderabad at Ameerpet, Dilsukhnagar, Baghlingampalli and Kachiguda

* This year we could organize / conduct more than 200 programmes and classes in which more than 15,000 people participated / got benefitted.

Daily Programmes -

* Usually we start the day with Pranayama and Meditation Class of 45 minutes, which sets the Day for us.

* Followed by, two sessions of Yogasanas at Ameerpet and one Session at Dilsukhnagar, Immediately followed by Classes on Spoken English etc.

Activity Report of Bangalore Branch : December 2010

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

We are happy to publish Activity Report of Bangalore Branch for month December 2010.

Karya Paddathi

Yoga Varga : 3 places 80 participants

Samskara Varga : 4 places 200 partcipants

Swadhaya Varga : 1 place 10 partcipants

Gita Jayanti

Gita Jayanti observed on Margshirsh Shukla Ekadashi to revisit  our base of Gita study for making life purposeful and to nourish ourselves with the vision of our Rishis. 

ॐ पार्थाय प्रतिबोधितां भगवता नारायणेन स्वयं

व्यासेन ग्रथितां पुराणमुनिना मध्येमहाभारतम्।

अद्वैतामृतवर्षिणीं भगवतीमष्टादशाध्यायिनीम्

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